Oft times the world around us prefers that we live a clone like existence – one in which inhabitants follow each other mindlessly – like lemmings going over the end of a cliff. It becomes difficult to encourage individual thinking in this kind of society.

If T.V. executives decide that reality shows are the success media of the day, then every station promotes reality shows. Overzealous health fanatics can quickly convince the world that every other thing we put in our mouths will kill us in short order; however, in six months, the same thing that has been killing us will now make us live an extra twenty years.

We look in the mirror and never see our true selves, but images distorted by the latest fad, the most popular trend, the current money making scheme, the newest eco-friendly lifestyle, and the most popular urban mantra of the month.

Back in the day, it seems, we just lived — free of mind-bending influences and trends that changed every few months. It takes a brave person to decide to just ‘be’ in this day and time. To ‘be’ whatever has been planted deep within each soul to be – naturally and without undue influence, stress and struggle.

If I choose to march to my own music, to beat my own drum, why should this be of concern to anyone walking around in their own skin? We all have different passions and approach even those with similar passions in very different ways. There is room in this huge universe for movers and shakers and for the unambitious; for the pious and high and mighty and for the humble, simple and serene. The world turns on many axes and all these axes help to make the world go round.

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Woman Power – Fluttering on Wings of Unity



I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We’ve been taught that silence would save us, but it won’t.

Words of Audre Lorde -Carribean American Writer

I love that my mother and grandmother planted seeds of power and relilence in me. As a woman I, like so many other women, battle to maintain a continuous balance against who we truly are and the mixed messages that we so often hear about what our roles should be.

We, as women, hold the keys to the universe. Without us there is no universe.  Even in the game of chess, the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board.


We must recognize and accept our naturally powerful nature and raise our daughters to use their power without…

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No In-Between

We live in a world of extremes: extreme TV, extreme wars, extreme images, extreme thoughts, feelings, and more. As I examine my inner thoughts and feelings, I find myself sometimes in a maze of extremes — extreme judgments, extreme opinions, extreme overreactions and more.

I worry about this crazy world in which we live and the part I may play in its increasing state of madness. I know that we all are playing a part in our own demise. Every time I make a statement in the extreme, I am tearing away at our universe. Just one extreme word can remove a small grain, then, a stone, then a mountain, then before we know it — all creation is gone. Sound extreme? Yeah!! But think about it…..

It is extreme to think in terms of us and them, of your religion vs. mine, of black vs. white of rich vs. poor, or my right vs. your wrong. Why is there not room for much diversity in thought, in image, in worship, in personal approaches to living?

I plead guilty to being an extremist sometimes, though outwardly appearing open-minded and receptive to differences of opinion. I’ve comfortably used the word “HATE” and have felt extreme opposition to other’s views, even when I didn’t speak it aloud. It is in our personal spaces of hate, separateness, superiority, patriotism, and religious fervor that the danger lays. We only see it when looking at someone else, not at ourselves.

In building these very tall walls of separatism, with extreme coverings of single-minded judgments and opinions, we have created a world of fear, isolation, and dehumanization. This is truly no way to really LIVE.

Today the world is on heightened military alert because of those among us who have taken a single thought, lacking real judgment, and built a fortress of extreme hate. That level of extreme thinking has meant the loss of life for those merely expressing their own personal opinions. Just when does your opinion become so much more important that it gives you license to control, alter, or even take my life?!

Life is more than extremes at either one end or the other. There really is an ‘In-Between’. That in-between is called by many names that we need to add to our vocabulary and our way of living every day. That requires a daily dose of RESPECT, UNDERSTANDING, COMMUNICATION, EDUCATION and finally the core of what I believe lies buried in every soul — LOVE — for each other and for ourselves.

I pledge this day to begin with me, and take my first dose today by sending you this message. I pray that we all do the same, one day at a time.

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As I begin a new year, I reflect on thoughts I collected into writings throughout last year. This blog I wrote last summer made me think of my 2015 new beginnings. So, I thought this blog was worth sharing again, as we write those lists of resolutions, make those promises, and start checking off our goals — hoping to finally reach those Dreams Deferred.

The Turtle Queen


I’ve sometimes been guilty of getting stuck in a dream – one that plays over and over in my head like a bad movie. I become tortured by the repetitiveness of these recurring images that seem never able to become a reality. At heart I am procrastinator and must push myself to turn my dreams into action. I can over think the process of making my dreams happen — to the point of paralysis.

I am learning, though, that if we treat every dream like an exciting new project and not some impossible, unreachable climb up Mount Everest, it might be easier to reach. As Project Manager I am able to write out a plan of action – step by step – adding a timeline – then make the project happen, enjoying the journey as I go. The minute I think of what I want to do as a “dream”…

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About advice and being told what to do…

Shail's Nest

It’s presumptuous how some people mete out unwanted advice. Has me shaking my head in disbelief most times. Apart from the thought that makes me wonder why they think they must do so, is another more alarming one: Do I have ‘imbecile’ written in neon all over my countenance??.. Hmmm… I mean why else would people take time out to point out obvious things to you?? This goes for some of my online buddies too who know me only through my blogs. The advice I get sometimes makes me wonder if my writings send out some invisible message that the author is a duffer of the first order who needs advice and help. My reactions to these well-meant (I assure you that is not my way of describing it) advice ranges between smiling noncommittally (most times) to smiling noncommittally (while going ‘oh gawd not again!’…

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tEA LEAF READER    I remember so well sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table, waiting anxiously for Sister Rose.  She came by every Wednesday to bring my “Nana” mystical news of good fortune.  You simply didn’t bring bad news to my grandmother’s house. Nana’s small tenement took on a whole new aura on those Wednesday mornings — our little eyes looking around for unknown and unseen spirits also hovering in silent wait for Sister Rose.

First, the whistle of the kitchen kettle set the mood for the readings.  Then sip, sip, sip ’til the cup was empty. The remaining tea leaves then mysteriously told the story.

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                             electrical utility poles image
Alice Miller
I am one who loves peace.  In today’s world there is far too much noise! People constantly talk over each other’s words, never stopping to really listen to what someone else may be saying. We see it on TV talk shows, certainly on reality shows, in our daily conversations and in political commentary. I find myself just shutting down in the midst of this kind of confusion — this nonsense.
When I awake each day I pause to listen to the still peaceful sounds of nature. I find comfort in a tinkling wind chime or a singing bird and even in the gentle rustling of the wind. But as the day goes on, the world becomes filled with human rumblings that are so irritating and distracting.  What is happening to our human species?  Are we all just slowly going mad?
Thank God there are remnants of a world created first in silence and then in the quiet beauty of natural things.  Humans have become a constant buzz that can sometimes drive one nuts! It’s like that buzzzzzz from those electrical giants sitting like dangerous soldiers, preparing for battle, along the perimeters of our back yards.  They are killing us slowly — just like the drone of noise we inflict upon each other, all day – everyday.
Quiet Please!!  There are human beings present.
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