About advice and being told what to do…

Shail's Nest

It’s presumptuous how some people mete out unwanted advice. Has me shaking my head in disbelief most times. Apart from the thought that makes me wonder why they think they must do so, is another more alarming one: Do I have ‘imbecile’ written in neon all over my countenance??.. Hmmm… I mean why else would people take time out to point out obvious things to you?? This goes for some of my online buddies too who know me only through my blogs. The advice I get sometimes makes me wonder if my writings send out some invisible message that the author is a duffer of the first order who needs advice and help. My reactions to these well-meant (I assure you that is not my way of describing it) advice ranges between smiling noncommittally (most times) to smiling noncommittally (while going ‘oh gawd not again!’…

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About The Turtlequeen Write Place

Life has provided many challenges that have made me stick my neck out even when I didn't want to, Those experiences have made me strong and resilient, and have allowed me to keep moving towards my goals despite any adversity. These are the wonderful qualities of the turtle. Life's challenges have placed me on the thrown as The Turtlequeen.
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